What is product prototyping?

Prototyping is exciting, as this is the stage you see your ideas transform into something tangible. At Aximo Design, our aim is to accelerate the design process. We achieve this by finding snags and issues in the early stages of development by creating 3D models and prototypes, utilising our dedicated workshop, 3D printer and tools for inventions and validation of designs.

With cost-efficiency in mind, prototypes are 3D modelled first. You will receive 3D visualisation of your prototype prior to build, allowing the possibility of making changes to the design before building commences.

Why prototype a product?

In the early stages of new product development, prototyping allows you to validate your ideas before before progressing further with the project.  A prototype also offers the chance to assess the product’s aesthetics, reviewing its size and the overall fit of the product’s components. For some, this can also be the next step in securing funding for a future project.

Our role at Aximo Design is to support you with the planning of your product design, and iron-out any potential issues before going to manufacture.

What can you prototype?

This is dependent upon what needs to be assessed. At Aximo, we create a prototype based on your product design needs. If your requirements are to explore just the look and feel of your product, then the addition of internal components in the prototype may not be necessarily. Similarly, if review of only the functional elements of the design are required, then prototype of these components will be sufficient.

Focusing on the key parts of your product design during the prototype stage saves you time and money. This approach also makes it easier to review and understand the performance of the model.

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Why choose us for your prototyping?

Aximo Design create prototypes that best represent your ideas and designs. Our extensive experience in building prototypes for highly regulated industries has provided us with the understanding required for product validation and preparation for a development ready product.

We collaborate with you throughout the project to ensure the prototype meets your expectations. We encourage our clients to visit us on-site, communicate via messenger or on the phone to be actively involved with the prototyping phase.

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